• Dog At­tire


    Could their be any­thing CUTER than a dog in a mi­ni tuxe­do? We don’t think so!  Whether your dog is male or fe­male, there are tons of op­tions to dress them up to be a part of your wed­ding. Here are a few ideas we adore.


    Rib­bon or Tulle

    Su­per easy and takes lit­tle to no time what­so­ev­er! Find a great ma­te­r­i­al, col­or or de­sign that match­es your wed­ding and tie it to your dog. Make a bow tie, hair bow or even sim­ple col­lar for your dog to don ei­ther at the wed­ding and/or reception!

    Sub­mit­ted by: Christi­na & Brandon

    Us­ing Flowers

    A sim­ple and cre­ative D.I.Y. way to dress your dog up for your wed­ding, with­out the ex­pen­sive price tag at­tached! Pull from your own bou­quet or ob­serve some flow­ers just for your pup to stand out. We ab­solute­ly love dec­o­rat­ing their col­lars and leashes.

    Sub­mit­ted by: Christi­na & Brandon

    Dog Tux­es or Apparel

    We com­plete­ly love sweet lit­tle dogs in tux­es, veils, any­thing re­al­ly! There are tons of on­line ar­ti­sans that cre­ate cute out­fits, de­signed for your dog in mind. Re­gard­less of size or race there are tons of op­tions when it comes to wed­ding ap­par­el for your dog. Our fa­vorite? Check them out here!


    Tips To Keep In Mind

    Test It Out: Make sure the at­tire you choose is­n’t too tight or too lose.

    Don’t Push the Lim­it: We love our dogs in sweet tulle or flow­ers, but Daisy may be mis­er­able in it. If your dog feel un­com­fort­able it will be tricky to have him or her there.

    Re­search: When us­ing flow­ers, make sure to re­search if the flow­ers you plan to use could be tox­ic to your dog.

    Sub­mit­ted by: Christi­na & Brandon