Un­leashed Cou­ple: Deb­bie & Ar­tur

by jesmin
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Unleashed Couple: Debbie & Artur

Ar­tur Makl­yarevsky and Deb­bie Bru­giati loved Mishko with more pas­sion than even we (who spend our days ob­sess­ing over our own dogs!) thought was pos­si­ble. Mishko was even the best man at their wed­ding. Mishko had a unique mix of be­ing a calm and con­tem­pla­tive thinker, slow­ly an­a­lyz­ing the world around him — yet al­ways will­ing to jump and run and play fierce­ly. He was, in oth­er words, the per­fect Best Man. RIP Mishko, who lived left us days be­fore Deb­bie is to give birth. Read more about Mishko here!

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