• Dog Pro­pos­al Ideas

    Pop­ping the ques­tion is big step, so it needs to be ab­solute­ly per­fect – we may be bi­ased, but in­clud­ing your dog makes it that much more spe­cial, fun and ab­solute­ly adorable. Check out a few of our ab­solute fa­vorite pro­pos­al ideas.

    The Clas­sic

    Every­one knows the clas­sic mar­riage pro­pos­al — ty­ing the en­gage­ment around the dog’s col­lar. We ab­solute­ly love this idea, but we want to take it a step fur­ther. Af­ter all, it is a mar­riage proposal!

    • In­stead of just ty­ing the ring around your dog’s col­lar, try opt­ing to use rib­bon or a flo­ral col­lar. Your dog will look adorable and it will add a spe­cial touch to your proposal.
    • Want some­thing a lit­tle ex­tra? In­stead of just the ring, you could opt for a small box in­stead. Adds a lit­tle more el­e­gance and pro­tec­tion too!
    • Go even more above and be­yond — set up ahead of time flow­ers (and can­dles if you can!) wher­ev­er you plan to pro­pose. The mo­ment she or he ex­pects you to pull out a ring, call your dog in­to the room. We guar­an­tee they will be com­plete­ly shocked.
    • Add some in­trigue! Wait un­til she takes the dog for a walk and set up a trail of dog treats from the door to the liv­ing or bed­room. When they both ar­rive you can be wait­ing on your knee, ring in hand.
    • Not sure when is a good time? Com­plete­ly take them by sur­prise and send your dog in­to the room to wake him or her up with the ring around your pup’s collar.

    The Mes­sage

    Not sure you want to en­trust your ex­pen­sive di­a­mond ring to your four legged friend? No prob­lem! There are plen­ty of mes­sages to send out that will re­al­ly get their at­ten­tion — es­pe­cial­ly if you in­clude your dog!

    • Go a sub­tle route and buy a per­son­al­ized dog tag that says “Will You Mar­ry Me?” or a per­son­al mes­sage on it. Ask them to check out the new dog tag you just bought and get on one knee to propose.
    • In­stead of a dog tag write your sig­nif­i­cant oth­er a love let­ter and have the dog de­liv­er it to him or her. Not on­ly can they keep the let­ter for years to come, but will al­ways re­mem­ber how they re­ceived it in such a spe­cial and adorable way.
    • Make it even bold­er by ty­ing a cute sign around your dog’s neck that pops the ques­tion. They are sure to no­tice right away and it will be even cuter tied around your dog’s neck.
    • Look­ing for some­thing a lit­tle bit big­ger? Set up ahead of time a “Will You Mar­ry Me?” sign or ban­ner in ro­man­tic place like the park or gar­den. Ask your boyfriend or girl­friend to go on a walk with you and the dog. You could both be there to pro­pose together!
    • Some­times the cheesi­er the bet­ter! Or­der a cus­tom made (or make it your­self!) sweater or shirt that says “Will You Mar­ry Me?” for your dog to wear. Have your pup come out wear­ing the adorable out­fit and propose.

    The Ad­ven­tur­ous

    Want to use your dog in a more ad­ven­tur­ous and fun way? There are tons of op­tions! And if your dog is­n’t trained or great on com­mands, there’s al­ways time for prac­tice. Your sig­nif­i­cant oth­er will be com­plete­ly touched by the work put in­to your proposal.

    • Train your dog to fetch on com­mand (if they don’t know al­ready!). When you’re get­ting ready to pro­pose have them come back with the ring in­side a cute toy or nice box.
    • Set up a scav­enger hunt that she or he has to go on with the dog. In­clude fun treats, sweet mes­sages and places that im­por­tant or sig­nif­i­cant to both of you.
    • Do you have two pups? Try the scav­enger hunt idea but have one dog with your sig­nif­i­cant oth­er and the oth­er dog wait­ing with you!
    • Are you the out­doorsy types? Go on a hike with the dog that leads to a ro­man­tic pic­nic com­plete with ros­es, wine and most im­por­tant­ly, your adorable pup.
    • Find out how much it costs to take out an ad in a lo­cal news­pa­per or mag­a­zine (or big­ger mag­a­zine if you have the con­nec­tions!). Put a pho­to in of your dog in a cute col­lar or bowtie with a ban­ner or sign pop­ping the ques­tion. Your loved one will be so blown away and you can keep the mag­a­zine for years as a sweet re­minder of how you both got engaged.

    Don’t have a dog?

    If you can’t or don’t want to buy a dog, but still love the idea of in­clud­ing an adorable dog in your pro­pos­al there are tons of options.

    • Ask some­one you know to bor­row their dog for the pro­pos­al. Make sure you meet the dog ahead of time so they feel com­fort­able with you!
    • Talk to a lo­cal pet store and see if there’s any­way you could use any of their dogs for the pro­pos­al. We hap­pen to think a few pup­pies would be com­plete­ly adorable.
    We love that peo­ple in­clude their dogs in such an ex­cit­ing mo­ment in a cou­ple’s life. Make it even more adorable with a flo­ral col­lar, rib­bon or bow tie. Check out our rec­om­mend­ed on­line ven­dors for bow ties, flo­ral col­lars, per­son­al­ized dog col­lars and more!