• Unleashed Weddings Team


    dog at wedding

    During her wedding planning Celia became really excited about the idea of including her beloved Terrier, Jacobo in her wedding day. Unfortunately she couldn’t have him there on site, however that didn’t stop Celia from incorporating him in other fun ways.  From designing personalized wedding cake toppers and having little Jacobo in pictures, Celia loved coming up with different ideas and becoming inspired by other couples and their dogs. It was there her inspiration for Unleashed Weddings came about. Her passion is to create a place where couples can come and share photos, tips, their stories — and most importantly, to be inspired!




    Being a lover of all small, cute animals (especially in bow ties!), Autumn couldn’t wait to jump on the Unleashed Weddings team and get things going! She especially loves her gorgeous white Samoyed, Bianca.  When not looking for photos of adorable dogs in weddings, she is… well, she is still looking for photos of adorable dogs in weddings, that’s how much she loves it. Although she isn’t married, she already has a million ideas of how to include her dog in the big day.